Dance until we die

Sommerszene, Rainberghalle 2022

The pressure of the bedrock forms holes under mountains. Just as it happened in Salzburg where people were hiding in these, so called “Luftschutzstollen” (Air raid shelters) during the Second World War. Later some of these bunkers became hiding spots for people who tried to release the pressure of the society, and - just as the bedrocks – they created holes. Holes to ventilate. One place like that was the legendary “Cave Club”. Even though Salzburg’s surface seems to be unchangeable, the new generation found their way to transform: under ground.

The project digs for these stories hidden in Rainberg. By overlaying the different uses in different time periods, contrasts become visible as well as commonalities.Dance until we die investigates how temporary communities function, according to which criteria they develop, which rules they are subject to. Presented as a performative documentary theatre format. 

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Concept, Production: Eszter Horváth, Viktoria Horváth, 
Leonora Peuerböck, Yuk Yu Wan, Johanna Mayrhofer 
Performing: Sofiia Nimak,  Mark Sonkin, Mariia Soroka
Mentors: Kathrin Herm, Judith Franke 
(Applied Theatre - Artistic Theatre Practice and Society, Universität Mozarteum)
Photos: Mitzi Gugg