working borders

Begegnungen mit Sexarbeit

(encounters with sex work)

Salzburg's city center, July 2023

Sex work is a problem for society. Since time immemorial, attempts have been made to control this type of service through regulations.
At first it seems as if such measures would protect the sex workers, taking a closer look one realizes that this appearance is deceptive. Rather, these rules are intended to protect society from sex work by marginalizing this sector and stigmatizing the people who work in it as "the others."

Would there be an alternative, could another, perhaps even feminist brothel be thought of in Salzburg?

The topic sex work is brought from the border to the center in the form of an audio walk and with the help of the moving audience's bodies.

Working Borders was Johanna's Masterproject for the MA Applied Theatre - Artistic Theatre Practice and Society at Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg. 


Concept&Production: Johanna Mayrhofer
Sound design: Severin Ströhle
Graphic design: Lisa Prast, Lukas Strigl
Projections: Lisa Prast
Photos: Magdalena Hofer, Caroline Bodner
Mentors: Georges Pfründer, Kinga Szemessy
Supported by: Christine Nagl
Interviewpartners: Em, Tina, Alex, Frank, Katarina

Special thanks to:
Caroline Bodner, Magdalena Hofer, Katharina Mayrhofer, 
Lola Peuerböck, Yuk Yu Wan, Victoria Horváth, Lilija Tchourlina, Abel Kotorman, Cristina Giurgea,
Sofie Pint, Marius Zernatto, 

Ulrike Hatzer, Judith Franke, Anna Konjetzky, Zuzana Ernst, Christian Sattlecker, Mirjam Klebel

Funded by:
Frauen* Referat an der ÖH Uni Wien

Experiencing the performance works best on site. 
You can download the booklet with all the addresses and maps to the stations here in order to listen to the audio files at the concrete spots. 

Maison de Plaisir

Steingasse 24

Das Kino

Giselakai 11




Laufhaus Altstadt

Herrengasse 18